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Marion is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable experts in the French market of our Fiji Islands and the South Pacific. We are honoured to be associated with her brand and taking special care of her clients on the ground here in the Fiji Islands as she is always looking for unique experiences for her clients where they not only enjoy but also learn culturally and also experientially from their adventure. Eroni Puamau - General Manager - Rosie Holidays
Great to see that you are applying all the knowledge you gathered for the past decade while working with JCM Destination !Jean Christophe Merlant - Managing Director - JCM Destination
Toutes nos félicitations Marion et nous sommes très heureux de travailler avec toi car nous saurons compter sur ton expertise pour la Polynésie !Raphaëla Taufa - Director of Sales & Marketing - Tahiti Nui Travel